Ministerios Ancla de Amor A.C.

Train up a Child in the way he should go, 
and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6 

As Christians we recognize the power of prayer.  As missionaries we are helpless without God's help.  As staff at an orphanage,  sometimes life can be very crazy and knowing that people are praying, gives us the peace and reassurance we need to persevere.

Pray for our Children:

1)  The children in our care have each suffered tragedies that we can only imagine.  When they first arrive there is always a difficult time of transition.  Please pray that they will each come to believe and accept the genuine love of God and their caregivers.  And pray that God will heal them of the emotional scars from their young past.

2)  Pray for the ongoing health and safety of each child.

3)  Pray for their education.  Most are behind in their education when they arrive.  Sometimes there are logistical delays for them to begin their schooling.  Please pray that these circumstances will be expedited.

4)  Pray that each child chooses a personal relationship with Jesus.  And they learn the importance of respect for others and living a life of integrity.  Pray that they also learn the importance of hard work to achieve goals and become a successful member of society.


Pray for our Staff & Volunteers:

Working at an orphanage can be at times overwhelming and exhausting.  There seems to be at any given moment at least one child that needs special attention.  We here at Ancla love what we do despite the fatigue and we feel blessed to be here.  But we need prayer!

     Pray for our health and strength each day.

     Pray for wisdom from God in the decisions we make.

     Pray that God's love will always shine through us to the children.

     Pray that as we grow, we will always have the needed help in volunteers.

     Pray that in our busyness we will each find a daily time of quietness with God.

Pray for Special Projects:

As we grow there is always more to build.  God has given us a vision and with it a plan to fulfill it.  Several things are needed in the years ahead to complete God's vision for Ancla de Amor:

1)  Ongoing additional finances are needed for the expansion of Ancla.  We need a new house built to accommodate each additional ten children we take in.  God has been faithfully providing our finances.  Please pray for His continued financial blessing.

2)  With ongoing building projects we frequently need volunteer teams to come and do construction.  We plan to continue our house project.  Please pray that God will call the workers for this task. Thanks to your many prayers!

3)  Please pray that there will be no injuries and no logistical delays in our building projects.

Pray for our Urgent Needs:

There are sometimes urgent needs that arise or items we need donated that will make life at the orphanage operate much smoother:

1)  We are presently searching for Dorm Parents to join our team full-time.  Would you please pray that God would lead us to the right people.  We are looking for a mature and compassionate couple with the conviction, desire and ability to care for children that come from very difficult situations. Once we have this couple in place we can open our doors to accept up to 12 more children.  If you would like more information or would like to receive an application package please contact us.

2) We are in need of funding to make so upgrades to our kitchen. These upgrades are required in order for us to meet the codes here in the State of Mexico. Please pray that the funding would come into place quickly so that we are compliant with the laws that are in place

3) We are in need of NEW stackable front mount washers and dryers! Our current washer is failing and it is the only one that we have. We hang dry all our close at this time which is very time consuming for our staff. With the space available to us we need stackable units. Please pray that this need would also be met in the near future so that our staff have the tools that they need to do their job quickly and efficiently.

So many of our prayers have already been answered so thank you for your faithfulness in praying for Ancla de Amor!!

More Information

If you would like to receive some more information regarding any of the prayer requests on this page please feel free to contact us by email. Simply click the button below!


Pray for Missionaries Joining Ancla de Amor

The foundation of Ancla de Amor consists of  the core people that help our orphanage function on a day to day basis.  These individuals make up our team and are crucial to the success of our ministry.  Each member of our team, first and foremost, are strong in their faith and love the Lord completely. 

As our orphanage grows, our team grows.  So there is an ongoing need for more people to join our team.  Some join us temporarily and others are called to full time ministry at Ancla de Amor.  They are people from varied backgrounds with different gifts and abilities.

Please pray that God will continue to direct individuals to come and serve at Ancla de Amor.  Ask God to establish a strong core group of people that are courageous in their faith and convicted to love and serve children with a sensitive compassionate heart.