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Friday Fun at Youth night at Agape Christian Fellowship

Lately, our Fridays have been filled with lots of fun and God-transforming experiences.

Our teenagers have been attending youth group at Agape Christian Fellowship Church in San Carlos. The purpose is to enjoy fun activities, have fellowship with other kids their age, as well as having a time of prayer, worship and learning the Word of God. This is a space we had been looking forward to for a quite some time and now it has become a reality.

So far we have seen that many of our teens are not only beginning to open up more to God's word, but we sense that this space now provides the perfect opportunity to offer them a journey that will lead them to truly becoming disciples of Christ. We firmly believe that there is a cost to following Jesus, thus we are determined to carefully to walk beside our kids, helping them understand and guiding them to live out this journey that will positively mark their entire lives. Our dream is that every kid that comes to live at ANCLA is given this incalculable opportunity to follow Jesus. We are constantly and continuously looking for praying partners that will join us in prayer, asking the Lord to open the young disciples hearts, minds and souls, as well as providing the youth leaders the humility, love and wisdom required to work effectively with teenage boys and girls. May God bless us with his direction and grace so that we may carry on his command to go and make disciples in every nation.


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