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"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalm 118:1


Our journey has taken a sudden detour. As many of you already know, we have experienced a monsoon here in Sonora and our region has experienced a devastating amount of water.

Hi Friends

We are processing what just happened. It began to rain late Friday. All the water from the northern Mountains made it through our ranch and to the communities south of us. It has washed out bridges, highways, and whole communities are flooded.

Our ranch is a mess, our yard completely saturated but praise The Lord that our houses stood firm. We had very little moisture in our homes. We are so thankful. After viewing all the photos and videos of our region, it is clear to see that we have much to be thankful for. Our losses are minimal to the many that have lost everything.

Due to power outages we had to eventually decided to evacuate our ranch. Without power we have no access to water and with our road washed out so leaving or entering the ranch is almost impossible. We have seen Gods hand in all of this though, He is Good.

We are in a home in San Carlos that is large enough to house all of us. ALL 35 CHILDREN, and staff! We are so blessed because the owners provided the home free of charge until we can return home. This home is called Casa Santuario San Carlos which translates to Sanctuary House or Refuge House. It has lived up to its name. I hope that is possible to return home soon, but with more rain in the forecast it is hard to say.

I am reaching out to you because we need your help. Prior to this devastating experience we were in need of folks to support our matching education fund. We are still short and the deadline is coming up. 5200 usd of the 10,000.00 goal has been raised. Please consider this, we trust in faith that God would provide. We are also in need of raising money for the matching donation for our solar system, 3000 cdn has been received of the required 7500.00 needed.

And now we have this devastating blow. An emergency fund has been opened at Children of Hope in Canada and Esperanza En El Rey in the United States. If you are able, please make a donation. Links are provided in this Newsletter.

Graciously some of the businesses in our area are offering some support but I have to tell you that I feel guilty about that. I want to reach out to you for help and allow the local businesses to share what they have with the many people that have lost everything through this tragic event. It is very sad and devastating. We are praying that God would convict the hearts of many to give and that He would also take care of the many people hurting in our community.

God Bless you and thank you in advance

Brian K.




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