Ancla de Amor Orphanage

                                                              Ancla de Amor is a Christian Orphanage in Sonora, Mexico.  The Spanish name translated

                                                              means Anchor of Love.  We believe that an anchor of love gives hope to the children in

                                                              our care.

                                                              Most of these children are not true orphans but rather children rescued from poor home

                                                              environments.  There is a time of adjustment when they first arrive, as they settle into a

                                                              strange place with many new faces.

                                                             Although it is heartbreaking to hear their stories, it soon becomes inspiring to see the

                                                             transformation in their young lives.  It is proof that love never fails. (1Cor. 13:8a)

                                                             If you were to visit us at Ancla de Amor, you would quickly see how much love is in

                                                             this place.  It is a love that comes from God and securely anchors each child.

                                                             We are committed to not only loving these children but also teaching them of God's 

                                                             love so that each will choose to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

                                                             Our orphanage is located on a farm where the children learn life skills and the income

                                                             from the farm helps keep the orphanage running.

                                                             God has given us a clear vision for Ancla de Amor.  There is still much to do.

                                                             If you are interested in helping us fulfill God's vision for these children, please

                                                             contact us.

                                                             Prayer is vital to the success of our ministry so we would covet your prayers.  If you

                                                             would like to sponsor a child or make a financial contribution, we would be very


                                                             And if you are interested in short term missions as an individual, family or team, the 

                                                             opportunities to serve are here and by the grace of God, you will be richer for it.

                                                             Thank you for your support!  Our prayer for you is that God's love will anchor you as 

                                                              you abide in Him.