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Operations Budget

We ask that you please remember our general budget in your prayers. Ancla has grown significantly over the past three months. We accepted thirteen new children and as a result we have had to add new staff. In addition we had to transition our children back into public school after restrictions were lifted. All of these changes have had a significant effect on our operating budget. Our grocery budget has increased, our transportation costs to school, psychology, DIF have also increased, as well as our power consumption. We need more help to cover our operational costs.

We know that our orphanage is in the process of a transition and we know that this is a time of faith. We ask you to remember Ancla in your hearts and prayers and we specifically ask that you discern whether God would have you financial support our operating budget. This can be done through child Sponsorship, staff Sponsorship or even one time donations to the general budget.

We thank all those that support Ancla prayerfully and financially. Together we serve and together we care for one another. You are a blessing to all of us here at Ancla!

Juliana is off to University

Please remember Juliana in your hearts and prayers. She grew up at Ancla and after graduating, she moved on to work as a receptionist at La Posada Condos and Hotel in San Carlos. 

Juliana has decided that she would like to pursue University in Hermosillo and thanks to scholarships from our anchoring partners, The A&B Winstrom Christian Family Foundation and Children of Hope, she is enrolled to begin classes in August. Juliana will be moving to the big city! It will be an adjustment for her, but we are here to walk alongside her as she pursues her dreams and studies graphic design.

We are blessed by all the wonderful people that have helped us raise Juliana. She is our first child to graduate through our program and move on to pursue great things.

Please pray for her as she takes on this life challenge, and as she continues to study and live independently.


Ancla Dos - Our children living off site.

Over the course of the last three months, Ancla has been involved in a process to assist some dear friends of ours through a very difficult situation. An orphanage in Hermosillo had to shut down for reasons I cannot share publicly. What I can tell you is that it was no longer a safe situation for the children living there. The board of directors had to make a painful decision, and that was to close the orphanage. In making that decision their biggest question and concern was where to put the children. They notified us of the situation and we decided that we needed to help them in every possible way. We were blessed and privileged to be able to offer them the legal assistance that was required and through that, God opened up a door of opportunity for us to receive all their thirteen children. Seven of these children live on our ranch and the other six live in a rented home in San Carlos on a short term basis. Please pray for us as we make decisions on how to move forward on a long term basis with the children in San Carlos. They have an opportunity to join a family in foster care. Please pray that everything will come together and in favor of them. If it does not we will have to entertain options of either renting a property off site or bringing them to the ranch which would be difficult due to lack of space. The supporting agency from the previous orphanage continues to be involved during this transition and that is a blessing to us as we do not have any additional financial strain through this situation. We are working together to come up with the best long term solution.

Future of "The Hurricanes"

It has been two years now since our children last competed as part of our competitive swim team. When the pandemic hit, we had to shut down the program. This was really devastating for our children and for our organization. Competitive swimming has been one of the key factors for the emotional healing of our children. For those children that were in the program, not a day has passed, that they haven’t wished to be training. Our staff is patiently waiting for us to start up again so the children that have not participated in the program can have this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Competitive swimming is a tool we use and it helps equip our staff to use the benefits of sports in order to strike a healthy balance between the physical and emotional wellbeing of the children living with us. We are struggling by not having the team! As aforementioned, we unfortunately had to shut down the program due to the risks the pandemic brought. We now hope that the program will start again, however, that hope is hinging on other key factors to fall into place. Please pray that God would swing the door open or shut it entirely so that we know which direction we need to go. 


Construction of our third Children’s Home

We are full to capacity, in fact we are over capacity. Our houses are built to accommodate twelve children in each home. Our reality is that one of our homes has fifteen, while the other has twelve. 


Social Services call us on a weekly and often daily basis requesting placement for more children. But for a long time now, we have had to decline entry for these children due to lack of space. 


Of course it is our desire to receive more children. We are here to serve and we want to do so, thus please continue to pray that God would provide the finances necessary in order to begin constructing house number three. 

General Projects at Ancla

Please pray for provisions so we can continue with the different projects that we have started at Ancla. The projects include: 

Solar Panels Project

Food Production Room and Walk In Cooler

Septic Field Maintenance


Water Well/ Pump Upgrade

"Casitas" for our staff (project for teams this winter)