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Operations Budget

We ask that you please remember our general budget in your prayers. Ancla has grown significantly over the past year. We have accepted thirteen new children, and as a result we have had to add new staff. In addition to that, we've had to transition our children back into public school after governmetal restrictions were lifted. All of these changes have had a significant effect on our operating budget. Our grocery budget has increased, our transportation costs to school as well, psychology, DIF have also increased, and the same goes for our power consumption. This is why we continue to need more help to cover our operational costs.

We know that our orphanage is in the process of a transition and we know that this is a time of faith. We ask you to remember Ancla in your hearts and prayers and we specifically ask that you discern whether God would have you financial support our operating budget. This can be done through child Sponsorship, staff Sponsorship or even one time donations to the general budget.

We thank all those that support Ancla prayerfully and financially. Together we serve and together we care for one another. You are a blessing to all of us here at Ancla!

Specific Prayer Requests

1) Pray for our children. We see many victories that they have overcome but many still struggle. 2) Pray for our staff that God would teach us to love more, serve more, sacrifice more and to trust Him more. We desire to bless the children here. 3) Pray for our child sponsorship program. We need to fill many child sponsorship spots with loving individuals that want to invest into the lives of our kids. 4) Pray for provisions to purchase a much needed passenger van. 5) School is quickly coming to an end. We need to start planning and preparing for the following year. We have many decisions to make, and we will need to raise funding for tuitions again. Please pray that God would bless our children with a great education. 6) Please pray for Daniel. He has lived at Ancla for several years but due to some difficult situations he is no longer with us. We know that he feels alone. Pray that he seeks The Lord and that he understands that he is loved and cared for. 7) Pray for all our children that they would learn to be truthful. We want them to learn the value of their word and the value of honesty.

Praying Hands

General Projects at Ancla

Please pray for provisions so we can continue with the different projects that we have started at Ancla. The projects include: 

- Food Production Room and Walk In Cooler

- Water Well/ Pump Upgrade

- Security Fence surrounding our property and specific areas on our property

- We have applied for assistance to build a soccer field and a basketball court. Pray for favor and an approval of these applications.

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