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Emergency Crisis from the Storm

The storm wreaked havoc on our ranch, causing widespread destruction and leaving us grappling with multiple challenges. The extent of the damage is overwhelming, and we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety and well-being of the children under our care. As a result, we had no choice but to relocate everyone to a refuge in San Carlos. Here in San Carlos we are still struggling with unstable power but thankfully we have the ability to maintain refrigeration so our food loss is minimal. We also have the ability to turn on some lights. Our region is devested and the electrical company is facing many challenges with down power lines, poles and transformers. The past weekend has been difficult as we have had little sleep and rest as a result of long hot days and hot nights. After 2 nights it appears that we have city water back and we can also purchase water for drinking. 

Destroyed Solar System

Destroyed Solar Power System: The hurricane's strong winds tore apart our solar power system, leaving us without a reliable and sustainable source of energy. This setback will be hindering to our day-to-day operations and further exacerbating the challenges we face. Currently we are communicating with our insurance provider to see if they will cover damages. The reparation of our solar system is top priority as we cannot afford the high electrical costs here in Sonora. 


Devastated Aquaponics Room

  The heavy storms strongly affected our aquaponics room as well, inflicting a devastating series of damages that have left us grieved. The force of the winds tore the roof completely off, leaving the once protected ecosystem at the mercy of nature. Inside, the severity of the destruction is evident, as equipment, infrastructure, and delicate plants and fish have suffered the damage. As we continue to assess the losses, the magnitude of the setback is becoming increasingly apparent, and so now, we are left with the arduous task of rebuilding and restoring our aquaponics room. Please pray for us!

Additional Losses

 As we continue to assess the damage, we are discovering more losses that require immediate attention. From structural damage to essential facilities to losses in equipment and supplies, we are struggling to understand the full extent of the storm's impact.


Soliciting Financial Help and Support

At this critical juncture, we humbly ask for your generous support and financial assistance to help us rebuild and provide for the children at Ancla de Amor. Your contributions will be instrumental in alleviating the hardships caused by this devastating storm and enabling us to continue our mission of providing a loving and nurturing home for these vulnerable children.

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