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I want to personally thank all of you that have prayerfully and financially supported Clarissa and I over the years. Your love and support has provided security for our family while we have served in Mexico. With times changing, and with living costs rising, we are in need of people that want to support our work financially. If you are blessed by the work that we do here in Mexico and if you feel that you would like to support our efforts, we humbly welcome you to partner with us.

Children of Hope is happy to process your love gift towards our personal salaries and you will receive a tax deductible  receipt as well. Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering us in your giving.  God Bless You!

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We are Brian and Clarissa Krahn and we are the founders of Ministerios Ancla de Amor. Living and fulfilling our unique calling has been an honor and it is something that we have never taken lightly.

To think that our loving heavenly father would entrust all of these beautiful children into our care is something that we would have never imagined. It is challenging to say the least! 

We founded Ministerios Ancla de Amor in 2013 out of our rented home in San Carlos with only

a handful of children. We had humble beginnings, but God has steadily grown our ministry to what it is today. Currently thirty three children live at Ancla de Amor and we employ eight people. In addition, we have three full time Canadian missionaries serving alongside us. 

We strive to provide the best care possible to the children that live here. We do our best to equip them with the tools and abilities that will meet their full potential. Our core belief is that God intended children to grow up in a safe and loving family, therefore we have designed our ministry in such a way that we can demonstrate home life to them. 

We are not looking to replace their parents or families we do this in order to show them what a healthy family unit should look like. 

In return we wish for them to learn to make wise choices for when they become a parent.

All of our children have a complicated past. The majority of them have been removed from their homes due to neglect, physical, sexual abuse or abandonment. They all carry

emotional trauma when they arrive at Ancla. Our team is dedicated and committed to helping each child work through their difficult past. Each child handles this differently and each one requires special care and attention. Healing and transformation always begins once trust is established and from there we have a foundation to build on. However, this takes time. We have a professional Psycologist that works with our children, and our care providers receive the proper training to know how to work with these types of situations. Our full time Chaplain is also available to our staff and our children to provide spiritual care. Helping children understand their true identity is a significant part of their recovery. Children arrive here feeling unloved, insignificant and unwanted. But over the course of time we help them understand the contrary, and that is, that God does love them, and that they are not forgotten and also that He has a special plan for their lives. We have seen the power of God in real ways as the children have grown. This can take years to accomplish. In addition to providing therapy, care and love to the children, we are also responsible to put all the pieces of their lives back together. Our full time lawyer dedicates his time towards ensuring that all the legal aspects of their lives are in order. Often, children arrive unregistered and without birth certificates. As a result they are often not registered for health care or school. One would think that the social service office would assist in this process, but the simple truth is that this is our responsibility as an association. Additionally, when we have a situation with a child where charges need to be pressed against an abuser, it is also our responsibility to detect and understand the use, report it to the investigators office, and to file charges. These scenarios are always difficult for the victims and it requires additional care and support from all the staff at Ancla.

We are very proud of our staff and thankful for each one. They all have a unique role. Through

their hard work and dedication they are bringing change to the lives of our children as well as to our community and world. It is a privilege to serve together and it is with great

respect and honor we do our best to provide love and care to the children that God has

entrusted to us. We invest greatly into them, as we truly desire to provide them with a new beginning and a new opportunity at life in order to become the persons that God created them to be. I encourage you to participate with us. It is because of the support we receive from so many that we can work with the children here at Ancla! 


Blessings to you and thank you for being a blessing to us! 


-Brian & Clarissa Krahn


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