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Hi there! We're Brian and Clarissa Krahn.

As directors of Ancla de Amor, we would like to welcome you to our website. Our desire is to show you a glimpse into our life, which has now become our entire world.


Our pursuit is to bring some justice to the precious lives of children that have been either abandoned, neglected or orphaned. Although we live in a constant uphill battle, there's nowhere else we would rather be.


We are diligently moving forward with faith and passion knowing that the lives of these little ones are being changed and transformed day by day.  

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Meet Our Team

Commitment.  Dedication.  Sacrifice 

Coming from very different places in life, cultures and experiences, we constitute a team that is unique, experienced and passionate about what we do. What we do is care for and love disadvantaged children by  providing them the warmth of a home with passionate caregivers that lead them to their full potential. 

Each team member along with their personalities bring something extremely valuable to our organization and it is a privilege for us to introduce you to them.


Please label your donation ¨Staff Salaries¨ in the special instructions field.

From Canada

From USA

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Our Ministry

Working. Restoring. Empowering .

We are committed to work tirelessly in search of a better life for our children, our staff and the entire family at Ancla. We are driven by the understanding that we are part of God’s family and that He wants us to excel in our ministry. Our dedication is an every day gift as we’ve been endowed with the capacity to dream big things for God’s kingdom and attempt even greater things for his glory. Now, the only way we know how to get to the finish line is through his grace and sacrifice for us, this is why we have decided to live sacrificially for others.

The Sad Reality

It is widely known that all over the world, out of the millions of children at orphanages, less than one percent will ever see adoption as a reality. Sadly, most kids will end up on the streets again alone and without possessions. Statistics say that only about 27% will find decent work. At Ancla, we see the pain of these precious lives and we hear the cries of their hearts. This is why we are committed to fight for each child that is entrusted to us.


There is HOPE

Our team is dedicated and committed to help each child work through their difficult past. Each child handles this differently and each one requires special care and attention. Healing and transformation always begins once trust is established and from there we have a foundation to build on.

New Beginnings

Children arrive here feeling unloved, insignificant and unwanted. But over the course of time we help them understand the contrary, and that is, that God does love them, and that they are not forgotten and also that He has a special plan for their lives. We have seen the power of God in real ways as the children have grown.

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