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Marilin Serna

Head Cook

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My name is Marilin Serna Ramos and I am in charge of the kitchen area at Ancla de Amor. I am soon to complete eight years of cooking for each of the children and adolescents who live in these homes. It really is a great blessing to cook for them, but it is also a great responsibility, because my work here is not only that, but also to give the children affection, love, respect, take care of them and fill them with joy, like they fill me day by day every time they thank me for preparing their food, or every time I hear them asking God for me and for my hands. All these “little” great details are what give me the joy and encouragement to continue forward every day and strive to be the best cook for them for as long as God allows me to be here.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!

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