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Jessica Teichroeb

Missionary at Ancla


I grew up just outside of Winkler, Manitoba. For my entire life, I attended the Reinland Sommerfeld Mennonite Church. Growing up, I always had a desire to be a missionary, partly because my grandfather and uncle were ministers. I admired the way they stepped out and served the Lord by answering God’s call. When I mentioned to my Mom about wanting to be a missionary in Africa, to serve God by helping children, she encouraged me that I did not have to leave the country to be a missionary, as I could be one here at home. One day as I was walking down our street, I began praying for each household. I continued to do this each time I went for a walk, but I still felt called to go into the world and serve. God was nudging me. One day when I was 17, my Mom came home and told me about a couple in our town who went on a mission trip, and that there was currently an opportunity to go to Mexico and serve within our church on a mission team. Sure enough, not long after, it was announced that the church was wanting to put a mission team together. I attended a meeting to find out what it was all about. Before I knew it I was getting ready to go on my first mission trip to a children’s home in Mexico called Ancla de Amor. I was introduced to what Ancla de Amor does, how they help the children, and how God uses people to touch the lives of the children. I really enjoyed the trip and this is what has drawn me back to Ancla de Amor to serve as a full time missionary. To see how God has worked in the Ancla de Amor staff was a great testimony to me. Letting God use you as His hands and feet is a great honour.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!

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