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Niños leyendo la Santa Biblia

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I was hungry and you gave me food;

I was thirsty and you gave me drink,

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I was a stranger and you took me in.



Praise The Lord that Ancla is growing in numbers! God has entrusted us with much. We have 37 children living at Ancla and the calls keep coming for more. We are thankful that we have been able to receive all these new children but it has come at a financial cost. We need you now more than ever. Our sponsorship program is designed so that each child living at Ancla is eligible to have 5 sponsors. The cost of sponsorship is $40.00 per mo and your contribution will go straight to our children home. This provides us with the sufficient amount of funds to meet all the basic needs of our children. Currently we are in need of 11 Child Sponsors for the 37 children living at Ancla de Amor. Here is how you can help! Please sponsor a child! It is $40.00 per month. For most households it is a very affordable way that you can play a huge part in caring for kids! Help us Promote our program! Please share this with your friends and family. Please share it on your social media platforms. Consider sharing this need with you church family, youth group or bible study group. Challenge one another to get involved in this campaign. Maybe as a group you can fully sponsor a child by committing to 5 sponsorship spots. You will receive updates on your sponsor child as well as a photo and Christmas card. If you decide to visit Ancla one day you will have to opportunity to meet your sponsor child in person. Best of all every dollar of your donation is received at the orphanage without any processing fees. Lives are being transformed here at Ancla and we know that you will be blessed to be a part of it!


Partner with us and offer a helping hand and a warm embrace that will show the children that they are not forgotten indeed!


Sponsor a Child

Make a difference in a child's life through our child sponsorship program. Together we can partner up to sponsor a child. Many of our children come from very dark places and this saddens us. Consequently, they arrive confused, lonely, scared and hurt, but the good news is that they quickly realize they are loved and cared for.



Join a Team

Through our anchoring partner Children of Hope you have the opportunity to go on a short term trip to Mexico. Our vision is seeing passionate people come together to help build up our ministries by allowing you to participate in the development of children’s programs while you get to spend time with them.


Equine Therapy

What better way to help a child  and people in general than by providing them a transformational experience through a healthy relational involvement with horses. The experiential approach of working directly with horses has provided clear evidence of its effectiveness.

Night Sky

John Beesley, Utah USA

We first got to know Ancla in 2021 through friends in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.  We fell in love with the entire orphanage immediately, especially with all of the children. The wonderful feelings of love and spirituality we felt there were beyond description. They asked me to represent Papa Noel at Christmas time and it ended up being one of the best days of my entire life. We will always love, respect and support this "piece of heaven on earth." May God's greatest blessings be with you all.
-John & Chris Beesley.  Provo, Utah, USA.
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