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Train up a Child in the way he should go, 
and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6 

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Does it make sense?

Posted by Brian Krahn on May 22, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Hi Everyone, it is Brian here. I trust that you are well and that you are enjoying the new website. It has already proved to be much easier to manage and communicates everything much better than our blog. A huge thanks to Richard for getting the Webpage where it is at today. We are still making changes daily so keep checking it out and please feel free to offer any suggestions you might have. The purpose of the blog is to make sure you are all well informed of what is happening in the ministery here as well as in our lives.
I know it has been a while since I have wrote and thought it was now time. My day to day is full. I feel like I'm running from the moment I wake up until my head hits the pillow at night. Aside from the 3 additional children living in our home, 4 including Cristian, there never seems to be a dull moment. We start our day with breakfast, daily chores and schooling. Our staff arrives at 8:00 to start their day. We have a lady helping in the house, 4 individuals in the orchard and 2 men working on the dorms. Including the workers there are 22 people here every day. We are learning how to manage such a crowd and it takes everything we have to make sure the day goes smoothly. We also have 16 sheep, 2 turkeys, about 50 chickens, 7 horses and 6 dogs. Lots of life happening here. :) And how can I forget the orchard!
Speaking of the orchard. Often I am considering the future of the orchard. I go back and forth on the validity of it. The orchard is suffering, I cant seem to get on top of things fast enough and I find it takes so much time and resourses. The question is, will it bring a return later? Some would think that an orchard this size must generate significant income, I thought so too but the reality today is that it isn't that spectacular. With the proper care the orchard has potential but it will take some time to get it there. On the other hand, God blessed us with the orchard and so I knew there must be purpose in it. What does God intend to do with it? If I look at the orchard in my North American glasses I would have lit it on fire. It simply doesnt add up right now. Or does it...
Two weeks ago a Pastor came over to pick some oranges. He was doing a church plant and was looking at ways to make money to fund his ministry. He had no chairs and no sound equipment so he asked if he could buy oranges to sell them on the street. We sell oranges from 1.5 pesos per kilo to 2.5 pesos per kilo.(roughly 2 cdn dollars) I was not home that day and its proably a good thing I was gone. The Pastor picked two van loads and when it came time to pay Richard decided he would donate the oranges to his ministry. In turn the pastor sold all the oranges for a profit of 8000 pesos, almost 800 cdn dollars. With that donation he was able to buy the chairs and sound equiptment he needed for his church plant and last week held his first Sunday service. We rejoice that God used Ancla de Amor to start a church. We Praise God for the orchard and know that it is His asset and He can use it as he sees fit even if it doesn't always make sense. Like many things I have experienced down here, it doesnt always have to make sense in my human thinking. With God, some things just dont make sense and who am I to think I can try to understand Him. We are called to walk in faith. It is so much fun to watch God do crazy things especially when it doesnt make sense.

Many Blessings




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